Edaps, JAV


Light, dries quickly, have ordered more.

I wanted a towel that was better for my fine hair and also good for travel, but didn’t want microfiber due to environmental concerns.

Tried two different brands for linen, and while I like the other brand for my hair, I love the waffle texture that Thing Stories has for my other towels. I did notice that two out of the three black color mix towels had loose threads in the middle (not the stitched seams) that none of the neutral/natural ones had. The brand was quick to reply, and said the threads could be snipped without any worry for the integrity of the towel, but that they would be happy to replace them if I’d prefer.

So, so far, I’ve been happy with the towels and the brand response. I’ve just ordered more of the natural color for face and hand towels.

I hang dry between showers, and I wash them on gentle with the same shampoo I use on my silk stuff, and I dry them on low in the dryer. I haven’t noticed any shrinkage, though I could see it being a problem at higher temperatures. The waffle texture means they don’t feel as rough as other new linen, and I think it looks more interesting. The only drawback I can think of is, if you’re using them during cold seasons or live in a cold climate, they aren’t going to be as nice and warm after a shower as our terry cotton.