I LOVE these (and is my second purchase of linen from the same source, that is “Thing Stories”)

I got the same linen material from this same company maybe a month ago (oversized bath towel which doubles for me as a top sheet on my full size bed in the summer in Austin, Texas which gets very hot and very humid).

I have ordered from one other company on Amazon some kitchen towels and I am MUCH happier with these. In fact, the thicker towels from the other company are being demoted in usage because they dry so slowly.

I am SO happy using these kitchen towels for hand drying. I wash my hands often when I cook, and I often cook a lot, so that is a lot of hand drying — and these always seem to be dry again before I use them next.

I am so happy with this weave (waffle weave) and this company, which apparently is in Lithuania.