About us


We, Simona and Povilas, are hiding behind the Thing Stories. We are enjoying time with our family and beloved ones, and discover joy in small things. We are glad to bring good emotions to simple, practical, and everyday things. By focusing on them, we are looking for extraordinary and high-quality fabrics. We create things for the responsible consumers who need quality with a spice of pleasure.

Each thing comes to us for a cause and with its own story. We value real and natural things. Therefore, Thing Stories focus on top-quality linen products that intertwine with Lithuanian traditions and create value at home.


We agree that things around us reflect our values ​​and create a particular atmosphere but we are more important than these – that is why we pay more attention to quality rather than quantity. Fewer things leave more space for our dreams, family time, and true family values. Hence, we encourage responsible use of things. Linen fabrics are one of the most durable – by using this material, we strive to reduce mass purchasing and contribute to the preservation of ecological values.

However, this does not mean that things should be of any kind – even the simplest bath or kitchen towels or table runners can spread warmth and send a certain message. We believe that each thing complements us so we carefully consider the style and benefits of each product. All the things at home must be both nice and practical to create a convenient atmosphere.

picture of lemons

Thing Stories’ products facilitate life and are easy to integrate into the prevailing interior by adding unique and refined elegance and inspiration enabling us to change, create and share. Even if naturalness has not been yours so far, adding some new accessories to your home environment will let you start creating their new stories – there are no strict rules here.

Thing Stories offers a range of natural linen products for your table, bath, and other things, such as napkins, table runners, bath and kitchen towels, as well as bags and baskets for cosmetic products. Let’s start creating a new story!