Linen care

Linen fabrics are surprisingly durable and have a long-lasting appearance, but to enjoy all of these qualities you need to look after it properly. There are still rumors that linen fabrics are difficult to care for, but in reality, you don't have to pay much attention to them ─ just follow a few simple tips.


When preparing for the first wash, linen fabrics should be washed separately ─ a slightly lower temperature of 30-40°C and a lighter washing machine programme are best. After this wash, linen can be washed with other fabrics, but should not be washed at temperatures above 40°C. The same advice applies to other fabrics: it is recommended not to mix colours and not to overfill the drum.

To preserve the appearance of linen fabrics, it is advisable not to use bleaches and detergents that contain these elements. Such products are only suitable when washing white linen fabrics. Please note that the linen may shrink slightly (approximately 4-10%) during the first wash, but the material itself will only become softer and more moisture absorbent with time.

Linen can be tumble-dried (on a lower setting), but as it dries very quickly, the natural way is sufficient for these fabrics. These fabrics wrinkle after washing. If you want to minimise wrinkles, it is a good idea not to wring the fabrics (or only very lightly) and to hang them in such a way that they do not wrinkle even more during drying.

It is advisable to avoid direct sunlight and to avoid letting the products dry too quickly and for too long, as this will make it more difficult to iron linen fabrics.


To help linen fabrics iron better, it is advisable to carry out this process when they are not completely dry, which is often the case with steam ironing. If you iron when wet, leave the products to dry in a cool, dry and well-ventilated room.

It is best to iron from the wrong side: the fabric will not become shiny and the colours will not fade. A temperature of 200°C or less is recommended.