Julien, USA


The perfect travel towel

Fantastic product, I was looking for a soft, light, linen towel for travel. This was the cheapest and fastest shipping one I found that also ticked all my boxes (I checked all over the web, including etsy). I hate the typical microfiber towels, they don’t absorb water well off of your skin and do not feel nice after swimming/showering.

While I was worried that the linen might be a rough (I have sensitive skin to linen and wools), with the pre-washed/softened waffle pattern, this is super comfortable on the skin and just the right size for me for travel (I’m 5’10). This thing is only marginally heavier than my microfiber towel and packs down to the same size. Yes it is thin, but that’s the point, and linen (esp waffle pattern) is super absorbent and fast drying.

Already ordered a second one for the girlfriend. Thanks!