Jasmine, USA


Kanva cloths review – Perfect For My Needs

I wanted a really small face towel. I hate face towels that take up a lot of space, especially because I always use a clean one so I have a lot of them. I also just use them with face cleaner, I don’t do anything fancy. I was using really cheap ones from Target that were extremely thin but this is what I liked about them. This one is even smaller than those. When they arrived they were slightly above 8 inches but after using, they shrunk to 7 inches and after washing and drying, they shrunk a quarter of inch more. I don’t mind, it’s still big enough and small enough I don’t have to fold them, and if I do fold them, they will be very tiny which is a win win in my book.

This was a really big upgrade but I like it a lot. I especially like the hanging loop, it is a nice touch. I cut the tags out and they look nicer. I love linen and understand how it works but if you have not used linen products before, you might not like it. They are very wrinkley and messy looking but I think natural and pretty. I used these straight out of the box and they felt wiry and pretty good for exfoliating but after washing and drying once they are much much softer and not good for exfoliation. I suppose that would be good for the regular towels especially. If you get the towels, definitley wash before use. I am considering making it a set as I am kind of in the market for new towels.

They sudsed fine for me but I sudsed them on my face, it’s not easy to get it to foam up on the cloth first. I normally do it this way anyways.