How To Pack Your Luggage Efficiently?


Do you also look forward to traveling with pleasant anxiety? Only this joy is often overshadowed by one quite tricky task: loading a suitcase. No matter how much luggage you have to pack, it almost always runs out of space. So it is good to know a few tricks to avoid stress and accommodate all the necessary things and travel essentials. This time we will talk about how to pack your luggage efficiently so that it would not take much time, but would be possible to fit all the necessary items in the luggage.

What To Pack? 

Planning and creating a list of necessary travel items is important when packing for a trip. Don’t wait until you arrive to pack and risk forgetting essential items.

A Must Essentials for Travel 

The most common items one takes for a trip: 

  • Documents. Traveling to foreign countries requires a passport or an ID card. You should check the requirements of the destination country. It is sometimes advisable to take both and keep them in different places. If you lose one, you will still have the other. 

When traveling amidst the ongoing pandemic, it may be necessary to possess vaccination passports and other supplementary documents. It is advisable to check beforehand which documents are required. In case you intend to rent a car during your trip, remember to bring along your driver’s license.

  • Medicines. Even if you can brag about impeccable health, medicines are a must on travel. After all, you cannot know what challenges one’s health might face during the journey. It is helpful to have medication for pain, diarrhea, and sunburn. Also, pack some band-aids. And in these unusual times, it is necessary to have a disinfectant.
  • Cosmetics and hygiene products. There is no need for more comments here: such items are necessary on any travel. But if you have limited luggage space, you should think maybe you will have a chance to buy some products locally.

Consider if the place you are staying offers shampoos, shower gels, toothpaste, and other similar products – you may save a lot of luggage space. Meanwhile, when it comes to women’s make-up, do not overdo it. You will probably want to relax during the vacation and not think about “full” make-up. Maybe it will be enough eye mascara and moisturizing face cream?

  • Towels. Again, consider whether towels will be offered at the staying place. And if you have plans on going to the beach, make sure you have something there as well. If you decide to take towels with you, think about linen products: they are light, take less space in the luggage, and are quick-dry. So there will be no inconvenience during the travel.
  • Chargers. People often keep chargers in “safe” places at home. So it may be left unnoticed when loading a suitcase, and that is why they should be included in the packing list.

There are no questions about why chargers are necessary during a trip. Without them, you will not be able to use your tech appliances. They will take up space in your luggage in vain without using them. You should also find out the type of electrical outlet in your destination country. There may be a need for an adapter.

  • A note with emergency contacts. While we do not want to think about worst-case scenarios when planning a trip, sometimes they happen. Losing a cell phone with all contacts is one such case. In order not to keep your close ones in ignorance for the rest of the trip, it is helpful to have a few numbers written down.
  • Extra handbag or backpack. You will have a chance to put your mobile phone, wallet, and home keys temporarily. Yes, this accessory will need extra space, but you will be sure to enjoy that choice during the vacation. If you are traveling with a company, you can arrange which of them will try to fit gifts or new purchases. 

Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories

While wondering what to take on a trip, the clothing issue is pretty tough, but you shouldn’t overdo it. The following tips will help you pack lighter.

When choosing clothes for the trip, you should:

  • Shape the wardrobe head to toe. Following this technique, you won’t miss any crucial details. Start with the head accessories or covers, then move to the outerwear. Afterward, think about the underwear and do not forget the socks. The number of combinations will depend on how long you plan to stay. Some details, like underwear or socks, might be taken extra.
  • Prioritize versatility. Make sure all the chosen clothes can be mixed and matched. In such a case, you won’t have to overthink your outfit and will avoid an excessive amount of clothing. Dresses are a good choice and even better if they are a match for both the beach and dinner. Shorts and skirts are always a great choice for women: by changing blouses, you will create a different outfit every time.
  • Consider the weather forecast. Even when going to warm countries, weather surprises aren’t always avoidable. Although the forecasts change quickly, you should check what to expect a few days before your trip. If rain or lower temperatures are expected, it is helpful to throw in a few warmer clothes. If the forecasts are better than expected, you will have more space for lighter clothes.

When choosing travel shoes you should: 

  • Avoid the same type of shoes. You will hardly need several pairs of sneakers and sandals during the trip. If you are traveling for a short time, you may not even use them all. Pack the most comfortable sneakers for long walks, beach slippers, and favorite sandals or dinner shoes.
  • Do not forget the shower slippers. While one would like to believe that all hotel rooms are very thoroughly cleaned, the reality is a little different in most cases. This is why it is usually best to consider what kind of footwear you will be walking inside. Rubber showers, flip-flops or outdoor slippers, or disposable models are suitable for this. They can be found in higher-end hotels, but you should check this information.
  • Wear the bulkiest. You should wear those shoes that take up the most space and are the heaviest during the trip to maximize the luggage space. The same goes for clothes.

The most important thing to remember is the sunglasses and headcovers for accessories. If you’re traveling in the cold season, a warmer scarf, mittens, and woolen cap will come in handy.

A Few Additional Questions 

Traveling for the first time, you want to think about all possible scenarios with the most detail – this is usually reflected in the amount of luggage. If you are not sure if a particular item should be taken with you, answer the following questions:

  • Can you do without it during the trip?
  • Were you in need of it during previous trips?
  • Does it take up a lot of luggage space?
  • Is it difficult to lift?
  • Will you have a chance to buy it easily and inexpensively enough on the go?
  • Is it expensive and perhaps of great value to you?
  • Will your travel companions have the same thing during the trip? 

Answering these questions should help you find out whether the item worthy of space. 

In general, the golden rule while packing is to forget the phrase “just in case…”. Packing will be quick and easy if you don’t overfill your luggage with unnecessary stuff. 

The need to pack an “extra” item is often overestimated. The extra pair of shoes is often not so comfortable, the extra warm sweater is often not needed, and summer clothes are not needed in chill climates. 

All these items only take up limited space, so it is better to give them up and pick only what you need. If you run out of something, you will always be able to buy the necessary items on the spot.