Amanda, USA


An excellent towel for drying hair!!

I originally bought this for a trip, but that trip has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. I initially considered sending back this towel, but it smelled and looked very nice, and was very well presented, so I decided to keep it and try it out for when (if?) the world ever returns to normal.

I gave it a 5/ for absorbency. I had shoulder length dreadlocks and have been using this towel to dry my hair after washing at least twice a week since I got it. My hair actually dries the same day now, rather than into the next day, since using this towel!

For travelling and lightweight I gave them both a 5/5. I haven’t taken it out on any trips because of shelter in place orders, however it DOES pack really small and it air dries really quickly for me here in Colorado. Once it air dries I fold it down and save it for my next hair wash. It could fit into a quart sized ziploc baggie for travel for sure.

I’ve been using this towel exclusively on my hair. Haven’t used it for body drying. I’m one of those girls that NEEDS two towels to try off with and have a separate velour towel I’ve been testing out that I’d also bought for travel.

I’m considering downsizing my home towel collection since I’ve been using my two towels. So that’s saying something! I highly recommend this towel, at least as a hair drying travel towel. If they made a bath sheet sized one I’d definitely buy it based on how this one performs.