Interior Design Trends 2022

interior design trends 2022

As years change, so does fashion. It is no surprise that interior trends are also changing every year. Of course, this does not mean that we must make radical changes in our homes. Yet popular ideas can inspire small but significant changes. That is why it is helpful to know which interior design trends 2022 will be the most popular. We offer you to get acquainted with the best-rated ideas of designers.

70’s Retro Theme in the Interior

The latest interior trends are often based on time-tested stylistics, so it’s no surprise that vintage elements will be in vogue in 2022. Various antiques and charming patterns will help to reveal such style. If they are dominated by such shades as burnt orange, moss green, and a variety of warm neutral tones, you’ll hit straight into the top ten.

To make this trendy interior reflect your home even more, follow the following tips: 

  • Visit antique shops. They offer a wide range of retro-styled elements at an affordable price.
  • Look for lesser-known brands. Such brands can offer both a better price and a more vivid style.
  • Inspect your attic. There is a high probability that many interior elements, which career you have ended, are hidden there. Lay a critical eye on them again and think about it – does it fit in with the vintage retro style?

Zen Philosophy at Home

This style is often confused with Japanese or minimalistic styles. Still, in reality, its main focus is on the natural environment. It is based on natural motifs, which radiate peace, help to calm down, and hear your thoughts better. It is likely that in 2022, interior trends will be shaped by this philosophy.

When adding this style to your home, you should remember the following rules:

  • Pay particular attention to simplicity and balance of space. Choose a few natural colors, avoid excess items and make sure each is in the right area and is needed.
  • Try to give the room as much natural light as possible. Likely, you will not be able to increase the number of windows. Still, you can ensure that the existing ones are not cluttered or hidden under heavy curtains.
  • Choose natural materials. A variety of wooden surfaces dominates this interior of 2022. Still, you can also try a matte, dark, or rusty metal shade. The most important thing is to avoid plastic.

Traces of Minimalism 

Not only the Zen style will develop in the interiors in 2022, but also the much more familiar minimalist style. If you nurture it the right way, even if there are fewer items in the room, it will still stay vivid. 

Of course, it will be more challenging to fulfill the essential condition and highlight the room’s primary purpose as the spaces become more multifunctional. Yet, if you focus on basic daily needs, you will cope with such a task. 

To create a minimalist view of the room, you should stick to one or two basic furniture materials (such as wood and steel) and use ornaments as little as possible. You will enhance the interior with different textures and contrasting surfaces.   

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Materials  

All interior fashions have been revolving around sustainability ideas for some time now. You should give up plastic as often as possible and strive to develop a greener design to keep up with trends. 

It is best to choose materials that are recyclable, reusable, or made from certified sustainable sources. This category is vast and includes recycled wood, bioglass, recycled metal, and jute. 

Ceramics, cotton, and linen interact well with these materials. When considering what bathroom or kitchen interior trends could match your home, you should consider updating your accessory collection. 

Linen towels are perfect for both of these spaces. First, they will impress you with a beautiful look that matches any interior. Then you will appreciate the functional properties of this material, such as durability or good moisture permeability. Meanwhile, linen tablecloths or napkins are perfect for the living room. 

Plant Invasion for Cozy Home

The trendy home interior in 2022 is surrounded not only by natural materials but also by plants. They will help develop a design full of nature and bring even more authentic greenery to your home. Besides, the plants will not only add cozy shades to the environment but will also clean the air. 

Once you get acquainted with the trends below, you will soon realize how important this is. Growing and caring for plants becomes a kind of meditation for some people – there is joy in watching them grow. 

However, think about your relationship with their care before buying new plants. Find out what one plant or another needs and think about whether you can provide it all. 

If their care is not entirely successful in most cases, it is worth choosing unnecessary seedlings. The seedlings will not affect the environment, but you will experience less trouble yourself.

Creating a Home Office 

We have gone through a very unusual period in the last few years, so it’s no surprise that interior trends have changed a bit in the pandemic’s heat. Many of us have had to move work to our homes. And so, a need for a private, productivity-boosting space had risen. 

“Putting together” an office at home in 2022 will be fashionable and practical. If you also need such an area, you should consider the following nuances: 

  • Location. The workplace should be in a quiet location. If it is not possible to spare a separate room, think about where you can find space for the table. It is best to make it as private as possible. A guest room is perfect for a home office, but if you don’t have one, a more spacious bedroom can also serve well. 
  • Equipment. This aspect depends on the specifics of the job. You should first get all the necessary items for efficient work. Try to avoid those taking up space that is already quite limited.
  • Storage. The home office needs to be tidy and enough space or furniture suitable for storage. This will help you maintain order and allow you to store all items in their intended places. In this case, the most valuable solutions are shelves and cabinets. Also, they can be decorated up to your taste.
  • Colors. It is best to choose colors that soothe and focus your thoughts. Such can be subtle shades of blue, green, or neutral. It is better to avoid bright colors. Although they seem to provide energy, such colors can cause anxiety after some time.
  • Decor. Don’t overdo it with extra details. In such cases, it’s easier to stay focused. You can include some artwork, plants, or fun rugs.

Multifunctional spaces

One-purpose spaces are becoming a thing of the past – in many newer homes, we see kitchens connected to the living room. However, during the pandemic, even such spaces acquired even more functions. 

Some had to remember production skills and find space for the already mentioned home office or children’s play area. In 2022, such solutions will only become more popular – efforts will be made to make the most of the available space by dividing it into different zones.

When developing such a multifunctional interior, the most important thing is to take as much privacy as possible. You can use more massive furniture, shelves, or even plant “walls” for creating privacy. 

You can be highly creative and come up with even more original but no less practical ideas. It is important that each zone is as comfortable and tailored as possible – then success is guaranteed. 

Rounded Edges

If you plan to change your furniture this year, keep in mind that products with rounded corners will be incredibly fashionable. Such furniture is associated with tenderness and romance. And some even describe it as feminine and forgiving. 

However, no matter what epithets you decide to assign to them, such products will be able to soften the look of the room giving it more coziness and lightness. 

Such a solution is especially worth considering in cases where there is no shortage of angled details in the room – it will be able to “knock down” their sharpness a bit. 

The Elegance of “Art Deco“ Style

In the last few years, this style has become more popular. Some believe that it can even change the Scandinavian interior in many homes. This style is filled with subtle luxury, complemented by classic details. 

Such a combination allows you to create an exciting and playful interior. This is precisely what many people want in their homes at the moment. The year has not been the easiest, so they want to create a personal space that is not only cozy but also joyful enough. 

Art Deco style emphasizes functionality, modernity, charm, and elegance, has rich colors, and sometimes even uses gold details. It is not the style to lack luxury. Geometric lines and curves also predominate, which sometimes seem slightly exaggerated. It is expected that the elements of Art Deco will be remembered this year when choosing wallpaper patterns, textiles, and tiles. However, if you wish, come up with the idea to fit these elements somewhere else. Any similar ideas will be very welcome.  

Velvet – Gentleness in Home Decor

Textiles will also be much softer and more comfortable in 2022, so we’ll see velvet more. 

It is a soft, plush material that can enliven the interior and be used both in the living room and the bedroom. You can turn such fabrics into the brightest accents of the room or use them as smaller gentle accents. This material will contrast with the metal details. 

Velvet gives your home an impression of light luxury. It is associated with sophistication and continence so that you can combine it with the fashionable interior styles mentioned before. 

This soft material is compatible with both minimalism and ecological spaces. It is worthwhile to use such a fabric in those rooms that look cold and do not seem inviting.  

Multifunctional Furniture 

It seems like a logical need for multifunctional furniture in multi-purpose spaces. It makes the most of the space and offers several practical uses. 

If you manage to use one room for both – quiet reading sessions and gatherings of friends, your interior will be on top this year. Interior designers will try to implement such a concept with the help of furniture.  

You can create such “smarter” furniture yourself, combining the decorative function with the practical one. For example, you can use the charming shelf that has been used in the room as an accent to store speakers or other equipment. This combination of technology and design fits in perfectly with modern interiors.  

Comfort and Durability

We have spent far more time at home in the last couple of years than ever before. Even people living at a busy pace have appreciated comfort and longevity far more. This is why it will become the cornerstone of home interiors in 2020 and impact other decisions. We are still unsure whether we will have to return to work and study at home. Having this in mind, you will likely see more furniture, textiles, and materials that are comfort-oriented and, at the same time, can withstand intensive usage. In other words, homeowners will pay more attention to quality. 

Nostalgia for Floor Patterns

The herringbone flooring has been reborn for new life and is now mentioned as one of the brightest trends this year. True, in 2022, other geometric patterns will be no less fashionable. To reveal them even better, we suggest choosing neutral color palettes – then the shapes will also play an essential role in the interior.

The purpose of this trend: a floor filled with nostalgia will create a contrast to the modern lines and other details in the room. As you know, the contrasts in the interior design are a sign of good taste. They make it possible to emphasize the character and quality of the opposing elements. Thus, one can assume that as the modern design moves forward, the beloved classic will not break out of the trend either.   

Warm-toned Kitchens

While we’ll talk about the most popular colors below, We’d like to single out the kitchen space. We usually see very light shades and even bright, appetizing color solutions. Likely, they will never go out of style. Still, as 2022 is dedicated to homes full of warmth, coziness, and outstanding comfort, the most popular shades will also shift a bit.

Kitchen furniture and decor will shift to warm, natural medium tones. You can turn back to earthy tones and don’t forget the naturalness, top now. Besides, you can use kitchen towels made of natural materials – then even the most minor accents in this space will match.

TOP colors of 2022

As for which interior color will be the most popular in 2022, it is worth distinguishing the following shades:

  • Neutral shades. Combining such colors in the interior will not cause any problems. So we will likely see such a palette of colors very often this year. Stone gray, black and white are the colors of the interior of 2022. It will be timeless and will always look exceptionally charming.
  • Green. We will see a wide variety of shades of green in interiors this year. The color will revive the atmosphere but, at the same time, will not overshadow other tones used. Green is recommended to use when you want a subtle accent.
  • Black decor elements. As we mentioned before, the most popular colors in 2022 will often be neutral. That is why we will often see black accents that give sharpness and charisma to the space. Of course, you shouldn’t overdo it, but a few black details are worth considering.
  • Earthy shades. In an interior dominated by the ideas of sustainability, success without such shades is hard to achieve. You should consider the green tones in your interior, but all other shades of nature will be none less great.
  • White walls. While looking for the most fashionable wall color, you should consider white shades. They help to reveal other details used. White walls are especially worth thinking about if you like strong finishes, massive furniture, or works of art. Such walls will reveal the charm of all these elements even better.
  • Light flooring. It will go well with both white walls and brighter room details. Such flooring will give the room light and help you develop a minimalist environment.

After getting acquainted with all this year’s trends and the most popular colors, you will be able to create an even more stylish and welcoming home environment. Of course, you shouldn’t rely on these trends. 

The most important thing is to make yourself feel comfortable in your own home – even if its interior does not correspond to the prevailing fashion.